Term of licence - Maharashtra Money-Lending (Regulation) Ordinance, 2014

Alicence shall be valid from the date on which it is granted to the 31st day of March following :
Provided that, where an application for renewal of licence has been received by the Assistant Registrar within the prescribed period, the licence shall, until the application is finally disposed of, be deemed to be valid.
11. (1) The District Registrar may, during the term of any licence, cancel the same by an order in writing on the ground that the person to whom it was granted has been guilty of any act or conduct for which he might, under section 8, have refused him the grant of the licence and which act or conduct was not brought to his notice at the time of the grant.
(2) Before cancelling a licence under sub-section (1), the District Registrar shall give notice in writing to the licencee and may hold such inquiry as may be necessary.
(3) An appeal shall lie from an order of the District Registrar cancelling a licence under sub-section (1), to the Divisional Registrar whose decision thereon shall be final.
(4) An appeal against the order of the District Registrar under sub- section (1) may be filed within three months from the date of the order :
Provided that, the Divisional Registrar may, for the reasons to be recorded, entertain the appeal after the expiry of the period of three months from the date of the order of the District Registrar under sub-section (1), if he is satisfied that the appellant was prohibited, for the reasons beyond his control, from filing the appeal within the period of three months.

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